The 24-Hour Trading Cycle

The most effective way to explain a 24-hour trading cycle is to go through the week. We will explain:

All markets are in a constant change of flux. Everything is changing constantly. However, whatever has happened has happened before, therefore, predictions can be made to analyse the market and earn profit.

Trading days also vary. We will aim to trade at different times of the day due to a huge number of reasons; different exchanges and securities trade at different times, there are different holidays in different countries and people wake up at different times to trade due to the large changes in time zones across the globe. This largely affects volatility in the market at certain times of day.

All times shown are in London GMT. We will describe the markets from Sunday-Friday.


At 22:00, Sunday many markets begin trading. Currencies open because it is Monday in both New Zealand and Australia. These countries begin the trading week for the rest of the world. 1 hour later, lots of stock index futures open. This trading instrument mirrors the actual stock market index, but is available 24 hours a day. Trading is also open when the rest of the stock market is closed.